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Transcription Services

With my experience, I can deliver a cost-effective audio transcription service for Lawyers, Barristers, Fee Earners and Law Students.

I offer an affordable service with guaranteed accuracy and turnaround times to meet your deadlines using your in-house templates if required.

I also carry out copy typing either from a digital format or from legible handwritten notes.

Transcription Requirements

  • Please take a breath before you start dictating as the initial words can sometimes be lost, this is also the case should you become interrupted during the dictation and you have to carry on from where you left off.
  • Please ensure your dictation is clear and reasonably paced (i.e. imagine you are reading the news or giving a speech and you want everyone to hear what you are saying).
  • Where possible please keep background noise to a minimum.
  • Please spell out any names or addresses and unusual words; you only need to spell them once.
  • Please make sure that all documents or templates are attached to the audio file when you are sending it.

Suggested Settings for Dictaphone

  • If the levels are too loud it will be distorted when played back even on the machine playing it back.
  • If the level is too quiet it will be difficult to hearon playback by the transcriber.
  • If the bass or treble is set too high the recording will pick up and amplify all bass and treble noises, e.g. paper rustling, outside noises such as cars passing and sirens blaring and cutlery rattling.
  • Dictator needs to check the pre-set settings  in the menu and choose either:
    • interview’ or ‘one to oneand notmeeting’, ‘concertor outdoors’.


Please note:

If using an inappropriate pre-set recording level it will cause the transcriber to be bombarded with background sounds and other peoples’ conversations or hear voices booming around like they are in the bottom of a bucket.  If it cannot be heard clearly or it is indecipherable it cannot be transcribed.




No job is too large or too small.

Contact me today for my transcription services
and I'm sure I can help you.